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on most of the roads. this is the beltway at u.s.-40. nonetheless as yet. no problems here. that is the latest on traffic. back over to you. >> our big story this morning. the search continues for two suspects who are trying to -- two suspects who allegedly beat a 76 for all fishermen. our reporter is live with that story. >> from severe head injury. police say his wife witnessedshe tells baltimore city police racial slurs and started beating the victim, leaving him with a severe head injury. to be raised. they are handling this case as a hate crime. park in the victim's truck. are able to locate its a few they were able to apprehend one suspect. >> the suspect jumped out and fled. with the help of a local citizen, they saw where one of the suspects went and called police. >> the suspect is a 28 year old who is a registered sex offender. his previous charges including rape and child abuse. we will tell you what police associating with african- americans. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. police continue to look for whoever opened fire on people in the pavilion
.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to the big stories in just a moment. first let's check on the weather and traffic. >> it is not going to be feeling like an oven. it will feel more repression out there. by next week, it may feel more like fall. mostly sunny skies today. 72 degrees downtown right now. 64 degrees near the airport. 85 degrees-88 degrees today. we do not have a high heat index today. it will be a dry heat. i have more coming up. >> good morning. we are anticipating more delays today and into the rest of the week. there are some schools in session today. route one is shut down due to some downed wires. no delays to report on the west side of the beltway. we have some delays the building here. when we thought about those in a minute. a water main break in the city near mlk. we anticipate delays around white marsh. it is getting a little bit sluggish there. we move well at liberty. back to you. >> shot and killed by police. >> it happened at a liquor store yesterday. police say they had just issued the man was wanted in the robberies
>> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will talk with sandra shaw who will tell us about whether any york. >> we have a very active weather pattern. you will need the umbrella for the afternoon during the next few days. this is a very tropical and moist air mass. instability will develop in the afternoon. scattered showers and storms today through saturday. 77 degrees downtown. partly cloudy and up to 90 before we see those scattered showers clear up. our weather pattern will change sunday morning. we will have more on that in her mccain bill in a short bit. -- hurricane bill in a short bit. >> let's check on traffic. we have an accident near st. paul. the speed sensors are looking pretty good around the area. there is a truck fire we are hearing about. we will update you on that as we get more information about it. five minutes on southbound i-95. here is a look at another portion of 95 in howard county looking very good. 95 at white marsh is checking out fine. the area bridges are looking very good. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big stor
. the forecast is coming up next as 11 news continues right now. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to our big story in just a minute. let's check the weather with sandra shaw. >> is hot outside. we will up to 90 by this afternoon. it is really pretty. we are in the low 70's right now. nothing major going on this morning right now. a dry air mass is over us. 87-91 today. we are well above the normal of 84. we were at 85 yesterday. tonight, partly cloudy, 65-70. by the end of the week, we will cool back down and have a good chance for showers and storms. huang that later. thus check on traffic. -- more on that later. let's check on traffic. >> take howard beshore alternate as their is a club -- take howard as your alternate as there is a closure in the mulberry area. the west side at liberty has volume building. bad a couple of other problems to mention, there is a water main break near saratoga. and the drive times are looking good for the accident. that is the latest. over to you. press and our big story this morning. the end of a political era is being f
there in the public eye. >> being a correctional officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night to going home and being in the public. >> she was well respected by her peers. the union that represents the correctional officers will create a scholarship in her honor. jennifer franciotti reporting. >> in west baltimore, the investigation continues into a shooting that left a man wounded. at the intersection of presman street and north fremont ave. there's no word on a motive or suspects in the case. and although county police are interviewing a woman they believe may know something after man was discovered in a car suffering from a stab wounds. this is between i-95 and ordinance road in glen burnie. the man was rushed to the hospital suffering from life- threatening injuries. the woman is not considered a suspect. >> state delegate jon cardin has reimbursed baltimore city police or the use of helicopter, a police boat, and officers to stage a proposal for his fiancee. $300 with the bill. that comes from his calculation of the karlie rate paid to the officers and cost of fuel
captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning, everyone. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a moment. let's check on the weather. >> things will be quiet today. partly cloudy skies. by this afternoon, an elated thunderstorm. -- an isolated thunderstorm perhaps. 84-87 today. a lot of moisture will get in ahead of tropical storm danny. it is 773 miles east of ocean city. we will see the greatest impact with the storm as it is offshore in the a lentic. i will have more on that coming up. let's check on traffic. >> we are dealing with a few early morning issues. an accident just before route 29. traffic is getting by westbound on i-70. take a bellaire road escher alternate to a closure on harford due to police activity. there are closures -- take bel air rhoda as your alternate to a closure -- road asher alternate to a closure on harford due to police activity. there are also closures on saratoga in utah do to water main breaks and gas main breaks. back to you. >> thank you. own. hazelwood. our reporter joins us live from police headqua
by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> bid morning. >> thanks for joining us. -- good morning. >> thanks for joining us for a 11 news today. >> we have a very good chance, about 50% chance of scattered storms. not everyone will get the rain fall. but the storms could be intense if you are caught in them. 71 degrees at the airport. 80 degrees at ocean city. a high of 89 degrees-91 degrees. partly cloudy skies. the front makes its head way through here late this afternoon. more on all of that coming up in a bit. >> nothing weather-related at the moment. the afternoon commute could be a different story. an accident in spite of i-70. the ramp has a delay there. a water main break on falls road. in medical call coming in southbound at the fort mchenry told plaza -- toll plaza blocking lang 15. here -- lane 15. here is a live view of the mountain road area. some nice movement around the white marsh area. that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. our big story this morning, in a little more than an hour from now, some journalists who live in prison -- imprisoned in north korea
] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to the big stories in just a minute. first, let's get to a check on the forecast. >> it was 94 degrees at the airport yesterday. 97 degrees downtown. 98 degrees in ocean city. we are still in the low 90's today. we expect some showers this afternoon. it will briefly closed down. the showers are ahead of a cold front which will change our weather pattern by the middle of the week. 80 degrees and ocean city this morning. it was 109 yesterday at one time. more clouds this afternoon and scattered showers and storms. details on your seven-day forecast coming up. >> good morning. we are dealing with an accident on 295. southbound has some enclosures and some delays. it stretches back to 100. you may want to take i-95 beshore alternate this morning. a nice ride in other areas. the drive times a looking pretty good. a 10 minute ride on the beltway. here is a live view of traffic as you are headed out on 29 south5 fell. it is inching a long -- 295 southbound.
by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. we would give a check of the forecast right now. sandra shaw is on her way to new york to fill in for kelly. >> yes. we are going to be dealing with scattered storms in the evening hours. if you patchy clouds starting to move in. temperatures right now still 76 degrees downtown. 72 degrees at the airport. 77 degrees in ocean city. an increase in costs by at lunchtime. as far as weather is concerned, it should not impact traffic. what do you have before us? >> whether is not impacting traffic. we have a downed tree in owings mills. we will keep an eye on that to see if any delays develop. we have a water main break on southbound bel air road. automating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems -- and they are alternating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems. and an accident in glen burnie. the inner loop and out of luke are moving fine. a bit of a shot -- inner loop and outer loop are moving fine. a beautiful shot as th
. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for "11 news today." that its economic forecast. >> it is going to feel uncomfortable today. poor air quality in the city today. take it easy of side. as far as rainfall, there is no concern right now. a week high pressure is in control for another 24 hours. we will see the lower southerly flow later on. it means more dewpoint increases. it means a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. it will be uncomfortable up to 91 degrees. chances of showers tomorrow. more on that coming up in a little bit. >> good morning. if you're heading out in jessup this morning, the scene of a head-on collision. erode reporter just of writing on the scene. we will have more effort -- a world reporter just arriving on the scene. we will have more information when we get it. no delays on the rest of the area roads. the space sensors show we are up to speed this morning. -- the speed sensors show we are up to speed this morning. 395 looking good. harrisburg expressway looks very good. that is the latest on track -- traffic pollulse. >> they appear to be heroi
. >> jay leno gives us a sneak peek at what we can expect for his new prime-time show. we will take a look. >> rain is passing through our area right now. how long will it last? we will tell you as "11 news today" continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will get to a big story in just a minute. first let's check with sandra shaw on the forecast. >> a friend is making its way through in the area. a batch of showers is moving through this morning. we will have a brief break and then another round. mainly on the eastern shore and southern maryland today. there may be some showers passed through baltimore until 4:00. in the front will clear and we will be cold. -- cool. 78 degrees-83 degrees. we are ready for the weekend. what is going on a the roadways? >> good morning. let's check what is going on up there. the rain is impacting the committee. we had this accident on the outer loop of the beltway. two right lanes closed their. the delays wil
learning about a downed tree. it's blocking glen arm road right at manor road, so watch for lane closhe use. we also have problems in the city, harford at broadway, an accident location. so if you're traveling there, watch for possible delays. water main break has closure as long saratoga between m.l.k. and green. and if you're going to be heading out on westbound 100 at 295, watch for an accident location. that one just coming in to us. let's give you a live view of traffic. so far, so good. we're watching for delays, but not seeing any at the moment. and we'll switch over to a live view of traffic where we continue to flow smoothly at will ber at this road. mindy and stan, back to you. >> thank you very much. our big story this morning, a member of the baltimore ravens has been arrested following an alleged confrontation with police. >> 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti live downtown with details on that story. good morning, jen. >> good morning. ravens rookie like tony fein is not just a football player. he's also an iraq veteran. but this morning he's charged with assaulting a police
for joining us. >> we will get to our big story in just a minute. first we will check on the forecast. >> it was not orders outside the last couple of days. more cloud around today. -- it was not gorgeous outside the last couple of days. more cloud around today. 72 degrees around the airport. 88 degrees will be the high for today. that is normal for this time of august. some isolated thunderstorms developing later this afternoon. as far as your seven day forecast, that is coming up in a little bit. here is traffic. >> good morning. no problems right now. volume is building. we had a disabled vehicle that is now clear. everything is up to speed at this hour. a nice ride away chu as you head out this morning. a five minute ride on the southbound i-95. here is a live view of traffic in the area of park heights. no delays on the northwest corner of the beltway. moving well the west side. the rest of the major roadways are doing well. that is the latest. over to you. >> good morning. at a big story this morning, police cameras have been effective tools in identifying a suspect. >> those sa
us for 11 news today. >> first let's get a check of the forecast with sandra shaw. >> today is going to be great. feeling more like spring. 84 degrees but a pleasant 84 degrees because the humidity is not going to be a factor. winds light and out of the northwest and check out the temperature in york pennsylvania. only 54. 68 in downtown in contrast. 61 below normal at b.w.i. and mostly sunny skies and again pretty dry out there. the sun not setting until 8:12. it will be up at 6:12. right now let's find out what's going on with the commute. >> good morning. we've got a pretty nice friday morning commute shaping up out there. just a couple of road repairs that could throw a kink in there. one is a watermain break. the road work is continuing between roland and falls road, also a road repair charles street closed between center street and reid street all weekend. so be aware of that. speed crenscrers show everything is moving censors show everything is moving just fine. drive times this morning the joiter loop of the beltway 11 minutes. 95 southbound between the beltway en route to th
? join us as "11 news today" continues right now. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 1111. >> looking good. some stabilization is nice, especially after the exstreams we've seen. we even had a flash-flood watch on the eastern shore, but for the weekend, basically dry. not a lot happening in the doppler this morning. there's light fog. sunrise is officially 6:19 this morning. 73 downtown. 68 at the airport. upper 60's to low 70's. 84 to 86 our temperature range today. more on that in a bit. let's check out traffic first with sarah. >> it is a nice quiet ride for your friday morning. it is really an easy ride. no incidents to report. we're just looking at one delay. this is on the outer loop between hammondses ferry -- hammonds ferry and 295. outer loop about a 10-minute ride from the beltway down to 32. howard county, north and southbound running smoothly at 100. a live view of harford county where you can see volume builds, but no sign of delays. that's the latest on traffic 11. mindy and stan, b over to you. >> president obam
for joining us for "11 news today. " >> first let's check out the forecast with sandra shaw. >> we'll be about 10 degrees above what is normal. if you thought yesterday was bad at the airport, it will be much worse today. with that said, cooling centers are open around the area. they are located in all community centers and senior centers. you can always call 311 or visit our web site at wbaltv.com and there you will find tips on how to beat the heat and the locations of cooling centers. today is the day you want to take advantage of it. right now, current temperatures, we are in the mid to upper 70's. a 79-degree reading. that high anywhere from 95 to 98 degrees today. sunny and hot. it is going to feel much worse with the humidity. the real temperature around the metropolitan area, 100 to 105. and with that said, it is easy to understand why the national weather service has issued a heat advisory going in effect from noon today until 8:00 tonight. let's go to sandra. >> 70 miles per hour, according to our speed sensor, on southbound 95 as you make your approach to 100. we had a medical call
. so just use caution. traveling on philadelphia road this morning. everything looking good as far as our speed sensors go we'll check drive times this morning. 11 minutes on the outer loop. eight minutes inner loop between 79 # and the 83's. let's give you a live view heading out at the ft. mchenry. coming toward us is southbound traffic no. delays at the toll plaza. if any, they are minor. no problems at the harbor tunnel either. a live view of the key bridge. looks very good at this hour. stan and mindy, back to you. >> thank you. our big story, a fight at the inner harbor leads to gunfire. it happened late saturday night inside one of the harbor's crowded pavilions. >> while police continue to investigate, 11 news spoke to one witness. kim dacey is live downtown with more on what happened. good morning, kim. >> good morning. baltimore police say the shooting happened just after 10:00 here at the light street pavilion, actually inside the pavilion, when someone pulled a gun during a fight. police say a 20-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 17-year-old man was shot in the for
.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." let's check the weather with sandra shaw. >> the eastern shore up the brunt of everything. some ever leveled blows extended in the area. -- upper level lows extended in the area. it will take a day to get through. mostly cloudy skies but this afternoon. 72 degrees downtown. a flash flood watch in effect as a result of the heavy downpours less nine. some more showers and storms today of the eastern shore. that will remain in effect until this evening. a nice temperature range. we are below the normal which is 86 degrees. a high of 84 degrees. winds are light and out of the east. showers are a possibility for tonight. football season is almost here in full force. that is it for now. >> we have one problem spot. police activity in catonsville. this could set you back a few minutes. an accident near liberty road. drive times are pretty much up to speed. here is a live look at traffic. things are looking good. volume is picking up. we are looking at the key bridge. it looks good. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big story
. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we'll get to the big story. first a check of the forecast. some severe weather over the weekend. >> yes. there were unconfirmed tornado reports yesterday, lower eastern shore. and water spout spotted on the chesapeake bay. heavy downpours. today things are going to calm down. that's the good side of the story. the bad side is, if you don't like the heat, well, this isn't first half of the week for you. today probably 89 or 90. mostly sunny by this afternoon. this morning a little patchy fog in some locations. a few clouds around. 74 downtown. 71 out at the airport. 75 in ocean city. we're going to surge today with the heating up to 89 in central maryland with that heating of the day we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. but all in all the best chances of rain aren't until midweek. more on your extended forecast coming up. right now let's say hay to sarah and -- hey to sarah and find out what's going on with traffic. >> word of an accident northbound 95 in harford county at exit 543. one of the tractor-trailers involved, off to the side
. coming toward us is southbound traffic. a few other problems to watch for other than this, we're also dealing with a vehicle fire. the car fire has been put out but the vehicle is still there. speed censors looking good but we have tire reads the blocking the right lanes near harford. that's it for now. >> our big story this morning baltimore city police have a pair of teens in custody now in connection with a hate crime that sent a 76-year-old man to the hospital. >> meanwhile the victim's wife is speaking out on camera for the first time about this shocking act of violence. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is live with details. >> good morning self proclaimed white supremist calvin lock they are in is behind bars. they are all charged in this case according to charging documents watson said lockner approached james for water and a cigarette and erupted into racial slurs and violence when he said no allegedly beating the senior citizen with a hammer or bat and then taking off with the boys in their truck. we asked loyola psychologist dr. jay rue how a seemingly minor exchange cou
of the new school year have you concerned about the spread of the h1n1 swine flu virus? email us at watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> state natural resources police want to know what led to a deadly boat crashed on anne arundel county's martie creek. a power boat and the smaller craft collided. a pair of boaters can to the rescue of john martins and his daughter after their withdrawal into the water. >> the boat hit something and put over. i rolled out there and saw them and them on my boat and took them to another one. >> the man inside the second boat was found dead. his name has not been released. martins and his daughter refused treatment. no charges filed. >> it's been a busy weekend for baltimore city police. gunfire leapt 3 d0 people wounded. at harford and old harford roads. a gunshot wound to the chest left one victim and the hospital. investigators are looking into a double shooting in hamden. a man and woman were shot in the 1000 block of 36 street. both taken the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. no motive or suspects in either case. >> ♪ god is watching for me
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